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Patti O'Shea - Paranormal Action Romance Author


The Troll Bridge

Lia Stanton has always played life safe, but when an incident at a particle accelerator sends her through a wormhole, she goes from Earth 2010 to Jarved Nine 2050. Almost everything is unfamiliar, and when she's accused of being a spy, nothing is safe—least of all the soldier sent to guard her.

Troll Maglaya is on his third tour of duty on Jarved Nine. He thought there were no more surprises here for him, but that was before he met Lia. He'd never given much thought to time travel, but now he needs to convince this woman to give 2050—and him—a chance.


The Troll Bridge is currently available in various e-book formats, or if you prefer the print edition, please read the information below on The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance.


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The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance

Featuring The Troll Bridge by Patti O'Shea

Release date: December 8, 2009
ISBN: 978-0762437818

This exciting collection contains 25 short tales of adventure and love. Join the dashing characters as they slip through the ages, finding themselves transported back to settings including medieval Scotland, sixteenth-century England, and the nineteenth-century American West—or sometimes forward to the present day and even the future.

"The Troll Bridge" is a Jarved Nine story. The hero is Troll Maglaya, a member of Wyatt (ETERNAL NIGHTS) Montgomery's team. The heroine is Lia Stanton. She's from 2010 and has her perception of reality shaken when she winds up in the future.

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