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Patti O'Shea - Paranormal Action Romance Author


Ravyn's Flight

September 2013

2002 Golden Rose Award Winner—Best Debut

Alone on a strange planet. Their teammates murdered by an unknown enemy. Help weeks away. Could there be a worse time to fall in love?

Ravyn Verdier is the communications specialist for a Colonization Assessment Team studying Jarved Nine. But when her teammates are murdered, their bodies mutilated, she finds herself alone with an unknown enemy lurking. Somewhere.

Damon Brody is a Special Ops captain. He and his team arrive on J9 for a training mission. They've hardly landed when they hear an emergency beacon. They respond to the call, but find only one survivor. Within hours, Damon's team is murdered, too, and he and Ravyn have to work together to stay alive.

They run for the Old City, a long-abandoned alien settlement, but it holds secrets that shake their view of the universe. To make it off the planet alive, they'll have to learn to put their faith in these strange things, and they'll have to trust each other and the bond they share. Only then will they be able to defeat the enemy and find forever with each other.

"RAVYN'S FLIGHT raises the ante in the subgenre."
~Susan Grant—New York Times Bestselling Author
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